Spring Lake, Inc. - Kirksville, Missouri
Welcome to Spring Lake, Missouri

Welcome to Spring Lake

Spring Lake, Missouri neighbors and members of the Board of Directors welcome you to our beautiful and unique incorporated community.  The idea to build Spring Lake began in 1947 when several Kirksville residents began to develop the initial plans. Spring Lake's founders built a community based on good neighbors and a spirit of cooperation and enjoyment. We're anxious to make your acquaintance.

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The Beauty of Spring Lake

Spring Lake Missouri Homeowners may submit photos to Sara - email

Spring Lake members are welcome to join our Spring Lake Facebook closed group page.  Search for Spring Lake, Mo from your current Facebook page, and request to join.

Board President Contact by email:  John Haas or by phone (515) 577-9854

For sewer problems or questions contact Dick Gooch first: 660-626-3498

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Spring Lake, Missouri is located near Kirksville Adair County
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