Spring Lake, Inc. - Kirksville, Missouri
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Save the Dates!!!!

Hold the date and Bring your Family

Join your Spring Lake neighbors to celebrate with everyone who has a June birthday and to mark the start of summer on the lake
Where:   Shelter House at the Beach
When:   6 pm Pot Luck Supper
What:  Brats, hot dogs, plates & tableware will be supplied by your hosts

Entertainment:  7 – 10 pm enjoy "No Apologies" band (back for a second exciting appearance at our beach) 

What to Bring:  
  • A dish to share
  • Lawn chairs or a comfortable place to sit
  • Whatever you want to drink
  • Family, Friends and Invited Guests are welcome
Your Hosts:
  • Mary & Dave Avaux
  • Kerry Anderson & John Haas
  • Bob Basham & Jane Kieler
  • Polina & Phil Biston
  • Michelle & Brett Lemmon

Spring Lake 2019 Activities Calendar
(Link to a Printable Version)

May 18, June 17, July 16, August 15, September 14, Full Moon paddles.  For our night owls who want to enjoy the lake by moonlight. Not hosted. (Remember how sound amplifies on the lake? Quiet please.) 
May 25, Memorial Day Weekend.  No lake-wide events currently scheduled.  Remember those before us, have fun with family, and be safe.

June 8, June Birthday Bash at the Beach.   Bring family, dance the night (well, evening) away.  Hosted by family and friends of those lucky enough to have a June birthday.  More information to come.

July 6, The 4 of July Celebration!  Events start early and end with a bang!  More information to come. July 7 rain date.

August 15, Picnic with the Board at the Beach.  Evening time and more information coming.  Everything you ever wanted to know (and some you didn’t) about Spring Lake’s governance.

August 31, Labor Day weekend.  No lake-wide activities currently scheduled.

September 7, Gooch-a-Palooza.  Hosted at Janet and Rick Gooch’s lake home. More information to come.  Thank You Janet and Rick!

October 1, Fiscal Year 2019-20 begins.

October 17, Spring Lake, Inc. and Spring Lake Sewer Company Annual Meetings at the Kirksville Country Club.  

December 31, New Year’s Eve Celebration. Hosted at D.W. Cole and Sean Malone’s lake home.  Thank You. D.W. and Sean!   


NEMR Telecom Fiber Internet Connections 

View the link to the information from NEMR Telecom about fiber internet connections.  This is being shared for your information only. The Spring Lake board takes no position. 

Reminder from the SL Sewer Company

With all the rain, snow and thawing going on at Spring Lake, remember that if the sewer alarm near your residence goes off, do NOT turn the alarm off and then forget about it.  Please leave the alarm on and call Dick Gooch at (660) 626-3498.

Pay Your $80 Fire Protection Now

Payments for fire protection are payable in December and January each year.  Adair County volunteer firefighters will respond to all calls of 911 addresses for fire protection. If the property owner has not paid the $80/year dues, they will be assessed $500/hour-average time is 5-6 hours. Annual dues should be paid in December or January and sent to Adair County Fire Department, PO Box 1049, Kirksville, MO, 63501.  It is each property owner's responsibility to pay the annual dues of $80 whether or not we are notified by the fire department.  

Strategic Plans

Spring Lake, Inc. and the Spring Lake Sewer Company have drafted Strategic Plans to serve as short, medium, and long range guides as our community looks towards the future.  Both plans address financial, environment, technological, safety, and quality of life issues for members.  In reading the plans it should become evident that Spring Lake should have a bright future for those issues that we know will be part of the coming years.  What is harder are those variables that are unpredictable like catastrophic storms or mandated changes to environmental issues including waste water standards.  Both plans are regularly reviewed, sections implemented, and adjusted annually.
Click HERE to read Spring Lake, Inc's plan adopted in October, 2015.

Click HERE to read the Spring Lake Sewer Company plan adopted October, 2016. 

Lake Safety Concerns

Found floating in the lake in the afternoon on August 27.   As labeled and rigged these are not permitted on Spring Lake at any time.    An excerpt from the Spring Lake Rules & Regulations pertaining to jug fishing and trotlines is provided.  Everyone is responsible to keep our lake safe. 


Facebook Page

Spring Lake members and their families are welcome to join our Spring Lake Facebook closed-group page.  Search for Spring Lake, MO from your current Facebook page, and request to join.

Property and Stock Transfer Procedures

A vote of approval from the Spring Lake Board of Directors is required prior to the transfer of any Spring Lake real estate including stock certificates.

  • Application documents/procedures must be completed and presented to the Spring Lake Board of Directors for approval prior to the transfer of any Spring Lake real estate and stock certificates. 

  • No individual member of the Spring Lake Board of Directors may approve the transfer of Spring Lake real estate and stock certificates.

  • All levies and/or assessments - including applicable taxes, filing and real estate fees  - on the lot or lots to be transferred must be paid in full before a sale or transfer is approved by the Spring Lake Board of Directors

  • Effective November 1, 2015, the new member/stock transfer fee of a non-refundable $500 payable to Spring Lake Inc. is due at the time of closing. 

The linked documents/procedures are needed to sell or transfer Spring Lake real estate and stock.  View the updated  transfer document.